Friday, September 3, 2010

Use Adsense and Adthwart?

Then turn off Adthwart. I've been hearing from a few people that they can't see the ads on their blogs and this was the reason. Also, Adthwart blocks most of the things on the Adsense website. I didn't realize this at first but it cleans up the website if you have it off.

Use Google Chrome? Don't have Athwart?
Get it here!
Don't use Google Chrome?
What the hell is the matter with you?


  1. I only bother blocking ads on sites that have ones that speak. I can't stand being told I've just won a nintendo wii for the billionth time.

  2. actualy i use Adbrite but it look to be a trap...

    but, BE AWAR, look about the rules of ad sense, you can have an other ad**** BUT they can't ad for the same things !

    they explain how to do on Adsens forum...

    and come see my new blog about my futur travel in USA ;)

  3. i use IE9 because its faster than chrome and not made by an online advertising company. but thats just me. are you retarded?

  4. Thank you for the comments on my blog. I support what you're trying to accomplish on yours.

    Regards, The Professor

  5. if there was a like button on this post, I'd press it.

  6. Adthwart blocks ads from appearing on websites e.g. the google adsense ads that appear.

  7. ill read your blog daily if you add back. holler