Friday, September 3, 2010

Pokemon Black: Nightmare Edition

Most of you have probably already heard of this story. Yet here I am to show you again.
Click for reading size and more after the jump!
It's now a visual novel too! Check out this blog here for a download link:
But imfromtheinternetssofollowme I don't have an emulator!
But imfromtheinternetssofollowme I have high moral standards! Won't I be caught for pirating!? : O
Nope. Emulators are legal it's the ROMs that aren't.
But imfromtheinternetssofollowme THIS WILL GIVE ME VIRUSES OMGOMGOMG!


  1. poeple in my country signed a petition to make stop showing pokemon. what a shame :(

  2. pokemon ftw
    bloggers gonna blog

    ill read your blog daily if you add back. holler