Monday, September 6, 2010

What Soldiers Eat

Note Australia's inclusion of Vegemite

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Supernatural Superserious

Just showing some "love" for my favorite band. Comment and tell me what you think and we'll spread the "love"!

Mother 3/Earthbound 2: A How To

Mother 3 is the sequel to a highly underrated SNES game called Earthbound. The game nor Earthbound's prequel, Mother,  were not released outside of Japan. Since so many people want to play this game but few got a chance to  it was translated without all the Engrish. Mother 3 is probably one of the most emotional games I've played and despite its sad moments it's filled with plenty of jokes, a quirky atmosphere, and a whole bunch of musical references including the Batman theme and the "Gently Weeping Guitar" enemy which plays a song that sounds like 'Roll Over Beethoven' or 'Johnny B. Goode.' For those of you who have played Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Lucas is from Mother 3. I urge you to play this fantastic game and be sure to tell me what you think of it!
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Deal With It

Duke Nukem Forever and a Friend's Blag

Duke Nukem Forever is finally real : | My friend posted about it on his blag. Go follow him and check it out!
From xkcd

Pokemon Black: Nightmare Edition

Most of you have probably already heard of this story. Yet here I am to show you again.
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Use Adsense and Adthwart?

Then turn off Adthwart. I've been hearing from a few people that they can't see the ads on their blogs and this was the reason. Also, Adthwart blocks most of the things on the Adsense website. I didn't realize this at first but it cleans up the website if you have it off.

Use Google Chrome? Don't have Athwart?
Get it here!
Don't use Google Chrome?
What the hell is the matter with you?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kirby's Epic Yarn Based Off of an Ad.

I bet you never saw that coming.
I guess the advertising business get's more attention than it seems.


I'm here to ask you about a few things...

1. Vidya Games- I'm considering reviewing games. Maybe some obscure games like LSD and I also plan on reviewing games as I play them. I might give my thoughts on Vanquish if you'd like to hear them. I know some people liked the LSD review but looking at that now I can see it was pretty sloppy work. That's because it was done over several nights and then rushed out at the end. Would you like to see reviews? Yes or No?

2. Invite all of your friends kiddies. : D New followers and viewers are always welcome. Maybe you'd want to write about me on your blog!

3. Comment more! If you like what you see it helps to tell me! I removed captcha to make commenting easier and you should all do the same on your blogs. I doubt you're receiving bot spam by now.

Comment down here and give me your thoughts!

Also, a strangely creepy video for your time. Play with the Benny Hill Theme for extra lulz.

Scott Pilgrim = Los Muertos

Something with Scott Pilgrim's art has always made me think of the way skeletons are drawn on El Dio de Los Muertos.

We Are Anonymous...


LSD Dream Emulator Review and Explaination

LSD Dream Emulator Review & Explanation

I originally wrote this as a review for a friend’s website: but I decided not to give it to them and put it here. I only honestly review the game at the very end as I want to educate people about this interesting title and there isn’t much information about it on the internet.

Don't Fear the Stay Puft

Stay Puft is REAL! I ordered these just the other day but unfortunately they're on backorder. A review will come as soon as I get them. 
Now if you noticed ThinkGeek claims that each marshmallow contains over 100mg of caffine. 8.2oz of Red Bull contains 80mg. Pretty interesting there.

Never Gonna Give Rick Up

Rick Astley's got a new awesome single!

But now you're saying "Oh Rick Astley he's not cool. He's just the Rickroll guy!"

This should be our national sport!

So apparently this is (kind of) popular in Japan. I don't recommend you try this with some friends though, the Japanese seem to be more fit for doing stupid things.