Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm here to ask you about a few things...

1. Vidya Games- I'm considering reviewing games. Maybe some obscure games like LSD and I also plan on reviewing games as I play them. I might give my thoughts on Vanquish if you'd like to hear them. I know some people liked the LSD review but looking at that now I can see it was pretty sloppy work. That's because it was done over several nights and then rushed out at the end. Would you like to see reviews? Yes or No?

2. Invite all of your friends kiddies. : D New followers and viewers are always welcome. Maybe you'd want to write about me on your blog!

3. Comment more! If you like what you see it helps to tell me! I removed captcha to make commenting easier and you should all do the same on your blogs. I doubt you're receiving bot spam by now.

Comment down here and give me your thoughts!

Also, a strangely creepy video for your time. Play with the Benny Hill Theme for extra lulz.