Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mother 3/Earthbound 2: A How To

Mother 3 is the sequel to a highly underrated SNES game called Earthbound. The game nor Earthbound's prequel, Mother,  were not released outside of Japan. Since so many people want to play this game but few got a chance to  it was translated without all the Engrish. Mother 3 is probably one of the most emotional games I've played and despite its sad moments it's filled with plenty of jokes, a quirky atmosphere, and a whole bunch of musical references including the Batman theme and the "Gently Weeping Guitar" enemy which plays a song that sounds like 'Roll Over Beethoven' or 'Johnny B. Goode.' For those of you who have played Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Lucas is from Mother 3. I urge you to play this fantastic game and be sure to tell me what you think of it!
How to after the jump!

1.Get a Gameboy Advance Emulator(I'm assuming you're on Windows)
2.Get the game! Now you can do things the easy way or the hard way. The easy way being downloading my patched English version of the game here:
You can find your own ROM and patch it manually using the patch here:
3. Make a folder for your newly patched ROM and open it using Visual Boy Advance!
4.Now your game should run fine but you will want to do some things.
4.1.Go to Options>Video>Render Method and select GDI. This will help your game appear much sharper and you can adjust your window size without making the game very blurry.
4.2.Go to Options>Sound and select 44Khz for a much better sounding game
4.3.Go to Options>Frame skip and adjust as necessary. I don't remember why but my emulator is on Automatic and 2

Emulating Tip For New Users: Save state often! You can use this to cheat and to backup your game in case of a crash. I reserve the last slot for every new chapter in case a game breaking error may occur and the more recent save states for checkpoints. The game will also keep save games in whichever folder you placed the ROM but those can't be used to easily pick up where you left off.



  1. I've played Mother 3 to death, man. It's a great game.

  2. Played it and am still working on beatting the game.Grinding is needed too :)Shix so cash